Defining an Era—B.J. Worth Receives the 2015 USPA Lifetime Achievement Award

Defining an Era—B.J. Worth Receives the 2015 USPA Lifetime Achievement Award

B.J. Worth did not just influence the sport of skydiving, he defined an era. His thumbprint appears on most of the significant developments from the 1970s through the last decade. more »

How to Dance With the Nylon in the Pale Moonlight—Setting Yourself Up for a Great Night Jump

How to Dance With the Nylon in the Pale Moonlight—Setting Yourself Up for a Great Night Jump

If you’re squaring up to the requirements for your D license, there’s a good possibility that those jumps are causing a bit of nail-biting. Steve Woodford is here to tell you not to worry. more »

Deadly Serious - Avoiding a Canopy Collision

Deadly Serious - Avoiding a Canopy Collision

Greg was a typical young parachutist with a great sense of humor who loved to joke with his fellow jumpers. But when it came to skydiving, he was quiet and deadly serious. more »

Up Is the New Down—Part 2: Movement Jumps

Up Is the New Down—Part 2: Movement Jumps

It’s great that jumpers are finally catching up to what the pioneers were doing 16 years ago, but with so much freefall traffic and so many people trying new things, it’s essential for everyone to learn how to be safe so we can keep on playing. more »

Pin Out on Exit

Although this jumper received a pin check a few minutes prior to exiting, his pin came loose prematurely, and he opened in a head-down position about six seconds after leaving the plane. Fortunately, he and the other jumper were unhurt by the premature deployment. more »

Profile - Brian Buckland | D-19047

by Brian Giboney

PROFILE20113Brian Buckland once “cut away” by selling his house and walking away from a job with a six-figure salary in order to skydive and travel the world for two years. He’s a respected freeflyer who has photographed two world records for largest vertical formation (a 69-way in 2007 and the current 108-way record in 2009) and two Canadian, one Australian and countless state records. Additionally, while flying camera with his former team, Mandrin, Buckland won a USPA Nationals gold medal in vertical formation skydiving (VFS). more »

How Skydiving Changed My Life - Sofie Geckler


by Sofie Geckler | C-37668 | Miami, Florida

I must have been 25 years old the first time I was offered a chance to skydive. My boyfriend at the time was a master skydiver and a cinematographer; I was an artist, singer-songwriter, carpenter and horse trainer. I remember telling him, “I will never skydive. You have your passions; I have mine. I do not have to do everything you do. I don’t care if you jump holding someone else’s hand as long as we regroup at the end of the day. Have fun.” Besides that, I was just recovering from getting hit by a car as I was crossing a street, and I still had the trauma of the pain on my mind. more »

The President's Report - March 2011


Congratulations are in order for everyone involved in the use of online voting in the recent board election. Adoption and implementation of the new system was a long time coming, primarily due to the need to change USPA’s by-laws to accommodate online voting. Thinking that most of our members readily embrace innovation and new technology, we anticipated an increase in voting participation. Actually, the number of ballots cast was nearly double from previous years, which means that member involvement in the selection of the board has never been higher. All of us on the 2011-2012 USPA Board of Directors appreciate that involvement and look forward to working hard at rewarding it with the leadership you all expect and deserve. more »

25 Ways to Become a Better Canopy Pilot

Lots of people decide to quit skydiving because of their canopy skills—they’re afraid of injury or perhaps just the embarrassment of a bad landing. And statistics show that the most hazardous part of a skydive begins once a jumper is under a fully functioning canopy. But don’t let a lack of knowledge or skill keep you from the sport that you love—there are many ways to improve your confidence and safety under canopy. Even the people who win medals and dazzle crowds will tell you that they, too, have room for improvement. more »

Mark Your Calendars: 15th Annual Safety Day

Even though many of us are currently stuck on the ground, suffering through freezing temperatures and howling winds, drop zones around the country are gearing up for springtime and Safety Day, which takes place this year on March 12. Some drop zones choose a different date, so check with your local DZ or the listings under the Safety tab of the USPA website. In some areas, it may even be possible to have a “safety month” by attending several Safety Day events on different weekends at various drop zones. more »

Differences in Reserve Parachute Systems



Do all reserve parachute systems work about the same, or are there real differences? more »

Dislodged Reserve Ripcord Handle

A jumper on a 4-way freefly skydive inadvertently dislodged this jumper’s reserve handle while reaching for a grip on exit. Jumpers should use caution when taking grips to help prevent this scenario. more »

Profile - Sally Hathaway | D-17133

by Brian Giboney

PROFILE20112Sally Hathaway, D-17133, has medaled in formation skydiving at a number of USPA Nationals and has achieved an impressive four women’s 4-way formation skydiving world championships. Hathaway jumps at Skydive City in Zephyrhills, Florida, and makes her living in the world of skydiving—she’s a USPA AFF Instructor and Coach Examiner; an FAA Master Rigger and owner of Paragone Rigging; and a wind tunnel coach at SkyVenture in Orlando, with more than 1,000 hours in the tunnel. more »

How Skydiving Changed My Life - Matt Feeser


by Matt Feeser | USPA #213775 | York, Pennsylvania

My journey into the sport of skydiving was a little different than most. Like many people, skydiving was something I always said that I wanted to do, but it seemed to be something I just kept talking about rather than doing. Although for me, skydiving is a bit more difficult than for most people. more »

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