We are currently offering an introductory advertising package for Parachutist Online. As with anything online, all of these options may change in the future, be it due to advertisers’ demand, updates to the website’s functionality and look or upgrades to this program’s opportunities. Advertisers with placed content will always be notified of changing prices or layout pertaining to the page the ad is placed.

Options: (3 advertisers max rotating per slot, 1 slot of each category per page)

  1. Home Page
    • Banner - $300 (below the feature block)
    • Square - $200
    • Button - $150


Banner - 960(w)x100(h)
Square - 260(w)x260(h)
Button - 260(w)x50(h)

Image Ads Only - JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG accepted.

Interstitial, Flash, Rich Media and Video Ads are under review for consideration.

- All prices reflect an ad running for a month.
- Ads will run starting five days after the date the order is placed up to the day of placement on the following month (ex: if the order is placed Aug. 8th, the ad will be visible from Aug. 13 to Sept. 13).
- Analysis of overall views and clicks statistics will reported at the end of each placement period (month).

For advertising on, please contact us directly.