Profile - Bill Schmitz | D-30164

Tag: Profiles, November 2012

PROFILE201211Bill Schmitz, D-30164, is a busy man. When he is not performing his duties as the camera flyer for renowned formation skydiving team Arizona Airspeed, he can be found instructing tandems, load organizing, working at the wind tunnel or filming a commercial. Originally based in DeLand, Florida, he relocated to Skydive Arizona in Eloy to get serious about expanding his medal collection. Schmitz has also been traveling to different drop zones load organizing … just to stay extra busy. more »

Profile - Phil Peggs | C-36427

Tag: Profiles, October 2012

PROFILE201210Phil Peggs, C-36427, is a founding member of the nonprofit organization Raise the Sky, which uses skydiving events to raise money for good causes. He was the freefall photographer for Raise the Sky’s first Project XRW, a groundbreaking event in which wingsuit flyers and canopy pilots flew relative to one another, and a member of the 68-way U.S. wingsuit formation record team. Though best known as a wingsuit instructor and flyer, Peggs has now shifted his focus to freeflying and recently joined vertical formation skydiving team STF BlockParty XP. more »

Profile - Pat Works | D-1813

Tag: Profiles, September 2012

PROFILE20129Pat Works, D-1813, has been a member of USPA for 50 years, three of those serving as a national director. Works was on the forefront of relative work (RW, now called formation skydiving) in the 1970s and founded the C.G. Godfrog Good Vibes Award at the USPA Nationals. He was also instrumental in developing vertical relative work (vertical formation skydiving) in the 1990s and brought freefly to a world audience as a judge and competitor in the X Games. Along with his myriad skydiving accomplishments, he wrote the seminal books, “The Art of Freefall RW,” “United We Fall” and “The Art of VRW: The Way of Freefly.” more »

Profile - Wendy Faulkner | D-17441

Tag: Profiles, August 2012

PROFILE20128Wendy Faulkner, D-17441, is an evangelist when it comes to canopy formation skydiving (or, as many of its participants call it, canopy relative work or CRW). Faulkner started skydiving in 1993 and, after a CF jump in 1996, began a love affair with the discipline. She has been on all the latest CF world records, coaches new CF jumpers and performs parabatics. She is also an AFF instructor, flies camera, holds a PRO rating and simply loves the sport of skydiving. more »

Profile - Travis Donley | D-27204

Tag: Profiles, July 2012

PROFILE20127A lifetime member of USPA, Travis Donley, D-27204, is well known for his American flag jumps, including two over New York City to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks. When not performing high-profile demonstration jumps with Team Fastrax, Donley skydives at Start Skydiving in Middletown, Ohio, where he works as a Tandem, Static-Line, IAD and AFF Instructor, Safety & Training Advisor and FAA Senior Rigger. more »

Profile - Angela Hsu | D-29956

Tag: Profiles, June 2012

PROFILE20126With just 1,100 jumps, Angela Tara Hsu pulled off a rare double at the 2011 USPA Nationals: She took home a gold in advanced vertical formation skydiving and a silver in freestyle. Her performance earned her a slot on the U.S. Parachute Team competing in freestyle at the world championships later this year in Dubai. Hsu is also active on the freefly record scene, having participated in the 2010 women’s head-down world record 41-way and the 2011 Florida head-down record 42-way. Hsu’s dedication to improvement (a few years ago, she moved to North Carolina to be near the Paraclete XP SkyVenture wind tunnel and has since accumulated 120 hours of tunnel time) makes it reasonable to assume that more medals and records are in her future. more »

Profile - Luke Aikins | D-21189

Tag: Profiles, May 2012

PROFILE20125Luke Aikins, D-21189, has a long skydiving heritage. His grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins are all skydivers at Kapowsin Air Sports in Shelton, Washington. Aikins is a member of the Red Bull Air Force and travels the world with the team, performing exhibition jumps, VIP tandems and more. Aikins is also the owner of Para Tactics, which provides advanced skydiving training to elite military forces such as the U.S. Navy SEALs. more »

Profile - Jarrett Martin | D-28900

Tag: Profiles, April 2012

PROFILE20124In 2009, Jarrett Martin, a private pilot, senior rigger, USPA AFF and Tandem Instructor and PRO-rated skydiver with about 2,800 jumps, had a ground-launching accident that left him with a broken back, a torn aorta, damaged lungs and kidneys, and paralyzed from the chest down. Within six months, he was jumping again, and in 2011, he competed in style & accuracy at the USPA National Skydiving Championships. Martin hopes his story will inspire other disabled jumpers to take up or continue skydiving. more »

Profile - Dean O'Flaherty | D-16773

Tag: Profiles, March 2012

PROFILE20123Dean O’Flaherty was a competitive kick boxer who dreamed of becoming a Hollywood stuntman. However, a skydive changed those dreams, and he became a professional multi-rated skydiver and pilot instead. O’Flaherty flew on an early freefly team, Astronuts, in the late ’90s, and many still recognize him from photos of the jumps he made at Skydive Space Center in Titusville, Florida, during Space Shuttle launches. O’Flaherty still jumps at Space Center in the winter and at the DZ he owns, Boston Skydive Center in Smithfield, Rhode Island, during the summer. more »

Profile - Bryan Scott | D-10265

Tag: Profiles, February 2012

PROFILE20122Bryan Scott, D-10265, started his skydiving career in 1978 with a static-line jump. Since then, capturing canopy formation skydiving on film has been his passion. Scott has traveled the world filming skydiving, and he’s photographed numerous world records. By combining his skydiving skill, photographic expertise and love of innovation, he has produced amazing visual images of the canopy formation community in action. more »