Ask a Rigger

Advice for Women from Parachute Labs (Jump Shack)



What are some of the factors women should consider when purchasing a harness-and-container system? more »

Inspecting Your Gear



How often should I inspect my gear? more »




When choosing a harness-and-container system, how much do you need to know about the harness portion of the system, and are all the different options just upgrades? more »

Stowless Bags



What are stowless deployment bags, and how do they work? more »

Differences in Reserve Parachute Systems



Do all reserve parachute systems work about the same, or are there real differences? more »

Making Sure a Used Rig Fits



I want to buy a used rig from an internet site, but I’m not sure it will fit. How can I find out before I ask the seller to ship it, and can the size of the harness be adjusted? more »

Line Wear



When should I replace my lines? more »

Closing Loop Length

Q:Recently, someone gave me a pin check and told me that my closing loop was too long because the grommets of my main container were not stacked vertically. The pin fits very snugly in the closing loop and holds my container tightly closed. Is it OK if my grommets are not aligned vertically when I close my main container? more »

RSL Decisions

I have a reserve static line (RSL), but I don’t know whether I should connect it or not. What are the issues involved? more »

Stowing the Slider

What should I do with my slider after I deploy my main canopy? more »