Ask a Rigger

What kind of hardware is best for my rig?

When choosing a new or used rig, the metal hardware used in the 3-ring assembly and for harness adjustments matters a lot. Inattention to this detail can make or break a good used gear deal. If you’re getting new gear, some of those great sales and discount deals might be due to hardware choice. more »

How do I know if my brakes are rigged and adjusted correctly?

The length between the “cat’s eye” (the opening in the line where you set your brakes before packing) and the steering toggle can greatly influence whether you have smooth flights and great landings. An incorrect brake length can hamper ideal performance from your canopy, and the causes vary. Working with your rigger, you should be able to address any issues without spending a lot of money. more »

Packed Correctly for a Cutaway



Is My Rig Set Up and Packed Correctly for a Cutaway? more »

Double Wrap Stow Bands



Should I Double Wrap My Stow Bands? more »

Semi-Stowless Bag



What is a semi-stowless main bag? more »

Harness Condition Issues



What harness condition issues should I keep an eye out for? more »

Line Replacement



How do I know when it is time to replace the lines on my main canopy? more »

Slider Stows



What are the different methods for stowing my slider? more »

Dirty Containers



Can I get my dirty container cleaned? more »

AAD Activation Altitude



Should I consider adjusting the activation altitude of my automatic activation device? more »