Board Meeting

Serious Business in Sin City

The USPA Board of Directors gathered for its winter meeting February 28-March 2 in Las Vegas. With the streets and casinos flooded with people and the craziness of Sin City filling the outside world, the board tucked itself away in the meeting rooms to get down to some serious business. more »

Steeped in History

The USPA Board of Directors last met in Fredericksburg, Virginia—the boyhood home of George Washington and the current home of USPA Headquarters—in 2006. Only seven of the current 22 members of the board were at that meeting, and most of the board members seated since then had never visited the 8,340-square-foot USPA building. The July 26–28 Fredericksburg meeting afforded these board members the opportunity to visit and meet all 15 members of USPA’s staff. more »

Season of Change

The newly elected USPA Board of Directors met in Daytona Beach, Florida, March 22-24 for the first meeting of its term. The election produced a 32 percent turnover on the board, and the new board’s election of the six officers that make up the Executive Committee produced a 50 percent turnover with three new officers. And of the three returning officers, only one, Vice President Randy Allison, retained his previous seat. more »

The USPA Board of Directors Summer Meeting 2012

The USPA Board of Directors traveled to the North Central region for its 2012 summer meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, August 3-5. As a prelude to the weekend, North Central Regional Director Merriah Eakins invited the board and USPA staff to Skydive Twin Cities in Baldwin, Wisconsin, the Thursday before the meeting. Board and staff members enjoyed a day of fun jumps, a barbecue dinner courtesy of the DZ and the opportunity to meet USPA members in the region. It was a great way to get in the skydiving spirit before spending the next three days getting down to business, addressing a wide array of issues important to the skydiving community. more »

A Full Agenda—The USPA Board Meets in San Diego

There are worse places to be in the middle of February than sunny San Diego, even when you spend all weekend inside a hotel. That’s where the USPA Board of Directors gathered February 17–19 for its winter meeting. Anticipating a hard-working weekend, members of the board and USPA staff who arrived early headed to Skydive San Diego in nearby Jamul on Thursday before the meeting for a few skydives. DZO Buzz Fink hosted the group, giving everyone a chance to relax and share a little bit of fun and camaraderie before the busy days ahead. And sure enough, the board got off to an early start Friday morning, settling in for three days of important USPA business. more »

Summit in the Rockies

For the second meeting of its new term, the USPA Board of Directors arrived in the Denver area with lots of items on its committees’ agendas for the July 8-10 meeting. As usual, the Competition and Safety & Training Committees had the longest agendas of the seven standing committees. Safety & Training’s primary focus continued to be on efforts to increase canopy-flight knowledge to help reduce the increasing percentage of canopy-related accidents. The Competition Committee, with both a new chairman (Scott Smith) and a new staff director (James Hayhurst), charged on with efforts to clarify rules for competitions, records and judges and to select competitors and team managers for upcoming international competitions. Both the Constitution & Bylaws and the Nominations & Elections Committees, in anticipation of a successful proxy effort at Friday night’s General Membership Meeting, were prepared to propose the specific changes to USPA’s bylaws and Governance Manual that the membership approved by its vote. more »

Setting the Pace—The USPA Board of Directors Meeting

The newly elected USPA Board of Directors met in Reno, Nevada, February 11-13 for the first meeting of its term. The tone and pace of the first meeting after board elections is often difficult to predict, but the change in group dynamics is generally related to the amount of turnover. The 2011-2012 board welcomed five new members, though two—National Director Jan Meyer and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director Tony Thacker—returned after brief absences. The first-time board members—National Director Rich Winstock, North Central Regional Director Merriah Eakins and Southeast Regional Director Eric Florio—proved to be quick studies, making their presence and opinions known early. more »

Hot Topics—The Summer 2010 USPA Board Meeting

The 2009-2010 USPA Board of Directors held the fourth and final meeting of its term July 16-18 in Nashua, New Hampshire. Two drop zones in nearby Massachusetts, Jumptown and Pepperell Skydiving Center, invited USPA Board members and staff to visit their facilities throughout the weekend. Having the opportunity to jump may be the key to meeting efficiency—the board tackled several big issues during this busy but very smoothly run meeting. more »

Getting Down to Work—The USPA Board of Directors 2010 Winter Meeting

The USPA Board of Directors gathered for its winter meeting February 19-21 in Phoenix. In a departure from Arizona’s usual sunny skies and arid climate, a cool rain fell outside while the directors got down to business inside, working smoothly and efficiently to complete a full agenda in near-record time. more »