Canopy Piloting

On the Cutting Edge

All disciplines of skydiving are fun and exciting, but canopy test piloting is in an altogether different category. Exiting a plane with a canopy that no one has ever jumped before is always an adventure. more »

The Downsizing Checklist

Safety & Training Advisors spend a considerable amount of time telling people they shouldn’t be loading their canopies so heavily. But 90 percent of the time, jumpers don’t listen. Skydivers can have a bit of an ego, and many simply hear, “I think you’re a crappy canopy pilot who can’t handle a smaller wing.” So they downsize anyway and break their legs, backs and pelvises with some regularity. more »

Confessions of a Canopy Coach

Exiting from 5,000 feet, Stuart Schoenfeld clears the aircraft and pitches his pilot chute. After checking his canopy, he pulls his leg straps down to his thighs and pulls his chest strap loose until it reaches the very end. more »

Puttin’ On Their Big-Boy Pants

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You can find the article in full in the October issue of Parachutist. more »

Cross-Braced Canopies



What is the purpose of a cross-braced canopy design, and should I consider buying one? more »

25 Ways to Become a Better Canopy Pilot

Lots of people decide to quit skydiving because of their canopy skills—they’re afraid of injury or perhaps just the embarrassment of a bad landing. And statistics show that the most hazardous part of a skydive begins once a jumper is under a fully functioning canopy. But don’t let a lack of knowledge or skill keep you from the sport that you love—there are many ways to improve your confidence and safety under canopy. Even the people who win medals and dazzle crowds will tell you that they, too, have room for improvement. more »