June 2014

June 2014

June 2014
photo by Zach Schroedel
Bram Clement, owner of the SkydiveRatings instructor school in Zephyrhills, Florida, plays the student while exiting a Skyvan with AFF-rating candidate Ryan Bolohan.

June 2014 | Volume 55, Number 6 | Issue 656 more »

Mental Health Counseling and Skydiving Trauma

What does it mean to risk one’s safety for a sport? Skydiving changes thousands of lives for the better, increases confidence, paves the way for self-discovery, creates spaces for goal setting and mastery of new abilities, and builds friendships and community. In many ways, the sport is life-giving and nourishing to those who find peace and happiness at 13,000 feet. Yet, skydiving can also take away physical freedom, safety and even life itself. To ignore the ways in which this sport can devastate would leave the jumping community even more vulnerable to tragedy on the day that something goes awry. more »

Covering All the Angles

Illustrations by Ada Márquez

In the past few years, many jumpers have become interested in angle flying, dynamic flying and tracking jumps, known collectively as horizontal jumps. And why not? For many people, experimenting with angles, speeds and body positions is what flying is all about. more »

Sit to Head-Down Front Flip

Axis Flight Logo Skydive Arizona Logo

Brought to you by AXIS Flight School Instructors Niklas Daniel at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Iveta Muravyeva. For more information visit axisflightschool.com or search “Axis Flight School” on Facebook. more »

AAD Activation Altitude



Should I consider adjusting the activation altitude of my automatic activation device? more »

Worn Lines

This tandem instructor experienced a malfunctioning and uncontrollable main canopy when three of the center A lines broke during a routine opening. more »

Preventing Hearing Loss

Did you ever notice that most of the skydivers who have been around the drop zone for years can’t hear a thing you’re saying unless you’re yelling at them loudly, face to face? This is not a coincidence, and you will find that most if not all of these jumpers have been regularly exposed to years of loud noises without using hearing protection. Not only are they deaf, they are slowly going mad due to the constant ringing in their ears known as tinnitus. Hearing loss and tinnitus are not the same things, although they are often experienced together. The sad and scary thing about hearing loss is that it is permanent, and so is the ringing that comes with tinnitus. Once you damage the inner ear from exposure to loud noise, there is no magic pill, hearing aid or even surgery that can restore your hearing to its previous level. more »

Maintaining Professionalism

Attitude, experience, proficiency, knowledge, judgment, responsibility and professionalism: These are the seven qualities that the USPA Instructional Rating Manual states that a coach or instructor should have. Earning a USPA rating and training students to skydive means that you need to step up your game on every level. more »

Tales from the Bonfire - A Student Saga

by Bruce Parkes | D-4586
San Antonio, Texas more »

Profile - JaNette Lefkowitz | C-35536

by Brian Giboney

PROFILE20146JaNette Lefkowitz earned a degree in mechanical engineering from MIT (the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge). She then became a professional skydiver, proving that smart people do, in fact, jump out of airplanes. She’s now a world-class 4-way formation skydiving competitor on team SDC Rhythm XP, an AFF instructor and an active organizer and 4-way coach. She has a closet full of medals and is certain to accumulate more in upcoming years. more »