Safety Day

Save the Date: March 8, 2014

It’s hard to believe that spring is just around the corner, and it is time once again for USPA Safety Day! The event takes place each year on the second Saturday in March, but some drop zones will use an alternate date, and some will host the event at a location other than the DZ. Check with your local drop zone to make sure you show up at the correct time and in the right place! more »

Recurring Lessons—The 2011 Fatality Summary By Paul Sitter

When you look at skydiving mishaps over time—exactly what this article does each year—some recurring lessons stand out. For example, the AAD (automatic activation device) and RSL (reserve static line) are proven life-saving technologies. But what really has stood out for the last two decades is that canopy selection and canopy operation are the most serious issues for skydiver safety today. Once again, canopy issues contributed to the majority of skydiving deaths in 2011. more »

Visual Gear Check and Common Mistakes

In order to promote safety, we've decided to allow all pages of this feature to be downloaded. You can find all files within.

Preparing for Safety Day

The Macarena, Tickle Me Elmo dolls and mullets were all fads from the ’90s that became extinct soon after introduction. When USPA announced that an event called Safety Day would take place for the first time on March 15, 1997, some jumpers believed that this was a concept destined to fade away as other fads would. Now, looking back over the 15 previous Safety Day events, this could not be further from the truth! Since the first Safety Day, USPA members have continued to flock to the annual event around the globe in huge numbers each year. Skydivers truly enjoy the day. And thanks to the clever minds of many USPA members, new games and useful resources continue to add value to the event. This year, Safety Day falls on March 10. (Some drop zones use a different date, so check with yours to verify.) more »

Performance Designs, Inc. - Safety Day Canopy Inspection

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Safety Day is here! Get basic guidelines on how to inspect your canopy. PD wants you to be safe and have fun. The more you know, the safer you are.

(Courtesy of PD and the The PD Blog) more »

Mark Your Calendars: 15th Annual Safety Day

Even though many of us are currently stuck on the ground, suffering through freezing temperatures and howling winds, drop zones around the country are gearing up for springtime and Safety Day, which takes place this year on March 12. Some drop zones choose a different date, so check with your local DZ or the listings under the Safety tab of the USPA website. In some areas, it may even be possible to have a “safety month” by attending several Safety Day events on different weekends at various drop zones. more »