Wingsuit Tail Strikes

Avoiding the tail of the airplane when exiting is one of the most basic safety considerations when wingsuiting, yet year after year experienced wingsuit pilots continue to strike the horizontal stabilizers of the aircraft they’re jumping from. Any side-door airplane—whether a Cessna 182, a Twin Otter or anything in between—presents a risk of a tail strike to wingsuiters and even non-wingsuited skydivers. more »

Wingsuit Rodeos

As wingsuiting has grown in popularity, so have wingsuit rodeos. YouTube and Facebook contain lots of footage of scary wingsuit rodeos performed by inexperienced—and sometimes experienced—wingsuit pilots (aka “horses”) and riders. Even jumpers with extensive wingsuit experience need to learn new exit positions, spotting techniques and instability recovery skills to perform rodeos safely. more »

Pushing the Boundaries

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Wingsuiter Jhonathan Florez Sets Four Guinness World Records

Twenty-two-year-old Colombian soldier Andres Uribe was the fourth man on the patrol. During the previous couple of minutes, he just knew something was about to happen. Suddenly, he heard a couple of shots fired, and then an explosion threw him down. He tried to point his rifle but couldn't. When he took a look, he realized the blast had amputated his right forearm. A few hours later, while lying on a stretcher, he thought of all the things that he would miss doing because of his loss; the one that particularly bothered him was parachute training, for which he had recently volunteered... more »