Gearing Up - March 2015

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Unless you’re a skydiver living under a pile of pea gravel, you know that March 14 is USPA Safety Day. Since 1997, thanks to a suggestion by member Patti Chernis, USPA has dedicated a day—the second Saturday in March—to skydiving safety. (Although many DZs designate another day that suits them better.) I also like the mantra, “Every day is Safety Day,” because we should have a safety mindset on every jump. The whole idea is to always be prepared. For anything. more »

Gearing Up - February 2015

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An association is formed to serve a purpose, and it thrives by fulfilling that purpose. USPA was formed in 1946 to advance the sport of skydiving by developing safety standards, removing governmental barriers and promoting competition. In a phrase coined by Executive Director Emeritus Chris Needels, USPA exists to “support safe skydiving and those who enjoy it.” more »

Gearing Up - January 2015

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Before 2006, USPA did not have its own records program but collaborated with the National Aeronautic Association and Fédération Aéronautique Internationale to issue national and world records in FAI-recognized categories. However, in May 2006, USPA’s Competition Committee won board approval to institute a state and national records program. Immediately, USPA grandfathered in 34 well-known and properly documented records. Still, it took a while for the concept to catch on. By the end of 2006, USPA had processed only two new state records. Over the next four years, we processed an average of only 21 records annually. more »

Gearing Up - December 2014

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The Federal Aviation Administration operates what many tout as the safest air traffic control system in the world. Even so, it is based on the 60-year-old concept of using ground-based radars to interrogate aircraft transponders to provide controllers with an aircraft’s position, altitude and speed. The FAA says it’s time for ATC to evolve to new technology, and the agency has unveiled its NextGen program to do so. more »

Gearing Up - November 2014

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Every few years a membership association must assess whether to increase member dues and by how much. Inflation is always at work increasing the cost of doing business by raising the cost of printing, paper stock, postage, travel, etc. And every few years, an association will need to replace printers, computers and servers and update software. In fact, USPA has raised member dues six times since 1983, an average of just under every five years. The last increase was in 2009—five years ago. Let me end the suspense: USPA is doing well financially and there is no current need to consider increasing dues. But USPA’s finances weren’t always blue skies. more »

Gearing Up - October 2014

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Working to enhance skydiving safety is inarguably USPA’s most important mission. The association’s slogan sums up USPA’s primary purpose: “Supporting safe skydiving and those who enjoy it.” Over the past few decades, skydiving’s safety record has substantially improved, even though there’s been a large increase in jump activity. But we know that if this safety trend reverses, USPA and the skydiving community will face an antagonistic media and a concerned public, which would dampen activity, cause skydiving to become a target for increased governmental regulation and raise skydiving’s cost. more »

Gearing Up - September 2014

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Many of us often think about things we can do to help others, or even change lives. Donating to a good cause, lending a hand at the local food bank or homeless shelter, being a mentor to a kid who doesn’t have one or assisting people in any of a thousand other ways makes us feel good. Inherently, we like assisting our neighbors, people in our community and others who are simply less fortunate than we are. Invariably though, we struggle to find the time to help or to come up with extra money for a cause. But you can perform a one-time act that takes only minutes, costs nothing and cannot only change lives, but can also save lives: You can register to be an organ donor. more »

Gearing Up - August 2014

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USPA has nearly always had a set of Basic Safety Requirements (or the equivalent with a different name) that applies to all skydivers and affiliated drop zone operators. And for just as long, the association has had a disciplinary process for dealing with those who don’t comply. Section 1-6 of the USPA Governance Manual describes the process for dealing with BSR violations and other infractions that may cause people to lose their memberships, licenses or ratings for various periods of time. Among those infractions are submitting forged or falsified applications or documents, engaging in conduct as a skydiver that brings public contempt, endangering oneself or others through negligent conduct and jeopardizing the well-being of USPA. more »

Gearing Up - July 2014

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To the general public, skydiving and BASE jumping are similar sports. Of course, they are not. Skydiving has an array of Federal Aviation Regulations that apply—Part 65 to riggers, Part 91 to jump pilots, Part 105 to jump pilots, skydivers and operators—along with USPA Basic Safety Requirements and Skydiver’s Information Manual recommendations. BASE jumping? Not so much. more »

Gearing Up - June 2014

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Technology has changed the sport of skydiving in myriad ways over the years and nearly always in ways that have made it better. As skydiving equipment such as parachutes, harness-and-container systems and altimeters have evolved, so have video cameras. Cameras are now lightweight, portable and inexpensive, and they are capable of producing high-quality, high-definition images even if the user has little photographic expertise. All of this has made them prevalent at just about every DZ. more »