April 2011

April 2011
photo by Luis Rotundo
Thomas Schwarzer hangs from an Antonov AN-2 aircraft over the white sands of uninhabited La Tortuga Island, Venezuela.

April 2011 | Volume 52, Number 4 | Issue 618


Time to Regroup—the 2010 Fatality Summary by Paul Sitter
Surf's Up - A Parachutist Pictorial
The Dead-Air Club—Jumping From Ballons by Charlie Childers
Setting the Pate—the USPA Board of Directors Meeting - a USPA Staff Report
The USPA Drop Zone Operators' Conference - a USPA Staff Report
The 2011 Parachute Industry Association Symposium by USPA Communications Associate Guilherme Cunha - Online Content
Skyjacker—the Richard McCoy Jr. Story, Part Two by Musika Farnsworth
25 Up—Wingsuit Flyers Build Challenging Vertical Formation by Jeff Donohue


Foundations of Flight - Barrel Roll by Axis Flight School
Gearing Up by Ed Scott
How Skydiving Changed My Life by Darryld Light
Curt Bartholomew's Profile by Brian Giboney

Safety & Training

Safety Check - Canopy Damage by Jim Crouch
The Rating Corner - Perfecting Your Student's Flare by Jim Crouch
Ask a Rigger - Harnesses by Kevin Gibson