August 2011

August 2011
photo by Chad Wilcox
Jumpers perform a double raft jump out of a Skyvan during the CarolinaFest boogie at Skydive Carolina in Chester, South Carolina.

August 2011 | Volume 52, Number 8 | Issue 622


Up for the Arizona Challenge - a Parachutist Photo Essay
Fighting Tunnel Vision—Refocusing Your Attention During an Emergency by Vic Napier
Top Honors—The 2011 National Skydiving Museum Hall of Fame Inductees - by Doug Garr
Swoop or Swim - a Parachutist Pictorial
Consider the Basics—Video Camera for Skydiving - by Kyle Schoonover
CarolinaFest - a Parachutist Photo Essay
There's Something About Records... - by USPA Director of Competition James Hayhurst


Foundations of Flight - Launching a 2-Way Sidebody Piece by Axis Flight School
The President's Report by Jay Stokes
How Skydiving Changed My Life by Tracey Sullivan
Simon Bones' Profile by Brian Giboney

Safety & Training

Keep an Eye Out - RLS Routing
Safety Check - Aircraft Emergencies by Jim Crouch
The Rating Corner - IERC Requirement for Coach Examiners by Jim Crouch
Ask a Rigger - Riser Inserts by Kevin Gibson