August 2012

August 2012
photo by Mike Burdon
USPA #206262
Tom Naef pilots his canopy under the Mediterranean Sea during a photo shoot for the Submission Project.

August 2012 | Volume 53, Number 8 | Issue 634


Farming for Gold—The 2012 USPA National Skydiving Championships of Canopy Piloting - a USPA Staff Report
Submission—An Underwater Skydiving Experience by Mike Burton
On the Line: Succeeding in 4-Way: Part 3 of 6—Building the Foundation with Random Drills by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld
CarolinaFest by the Numbers - a Parachutist Photo Essay
Try This at Home—Skydive Elsinore Explores the World of Wingsuit Competition by Sydney Owen with contributions from Douglas Spotted Eagle
Stars—The 2012 National Skydiving Museum Hall of Fame Inductees by Doug Garr


Gearing Up by Ed Scott
How Skydiving Changed My Life by Marcelaine Wininger Lewis
Travis Donley's Profile by Brian Giboney

Safety & Training

The Rating Corner - By the Book by Jim Crouch
Safety Check - Hook Knives by Jim Crouch
Keep an Eye Out - Metal Links
Ask a Rigger - Bridle Concerns by Jim Crouch
Foundations of Flight—Spinning a 2-Way-Caterpillar (Cat) Piece by Axis Flight School