January 2012

January 2012
photo by Bill Schmitz
Over Skydive Arizona in Eloy, SDC Standard trains for what will be a first-place performance in the open class of the 2011 USPA National Championships of Vertical Formation Skydiving.

January 2012 | Volume 53, Number 1 | Issue 627


The 2011 USPA National Skydiving Championships of Formation Skydiving, Canopy Formation, Freestyle Skydiving, Freeflying, Freefall Style, Accuracy Landing and Vertical Formation Skydiving by Merriah Eakins with Lindy Leach and James Hayhurst
Flying with the Angry Birds by Musika Farnsworth
Big-Ways are Getting Smaller—The Team Extreme and Team Elite Dives 2011 by Jim McCormick
THe Downsizing Checklist—Seven Canopy Skills to Perfect Before Going Smaller for Performance by Bill von Novak
That's Show Business - a Parachutist Pictorial


The President's Report by Jay Stokes
How Skydiving Changed My Life by Ralph Kubicsek
Tales from the Bonfire - Stuck in a Downplane by Cindy Coker
Sara Curtis' Profile by Brian Giboney

Safety & Training

The Rating Corner - Utilizing SkydiveSchool.org as an Online Resource by Jen Sharp
Safety Check - Canopy Courses by Jim Crouch
Keep an Eye Out - Installation Errors
Ask a Rigger - Choosing a Reserve Parachute by Kevin Gibson
Foundations of Flight - Exiting a 2-Way Compressed Accordion Piece by Axis Flight School