January 2018

January 2018
Photo by Norman Kent | D-8369
Caroline Layne chases rainbows with her Aerodyne Pilot canopy over New Smyrna Beach, Florida, during the Disappearing Island Boogie (so named because the island in the Intracoastal Waterway is above water only a few hours a day due to tides) organized by Martin Sutton with aircraft from Skydive DeLand.


Quantum Leap—The Sequential Games World Record Event by Jim McCormick
99 Problems, But The Wind Ain’t One by Niklas Daniel
Stars In The Eastern Sky by Jim McCormick
Jackpot!—The 2nd Fai World Cup Of Wingsuit Flying by Alix Raymond Hubbard
Finding The Flow by Shannon Pilcher
Night Moves—The 64-Way World Record For Largest Night Formation Skydive a Parachutist Photo Essay


How Skydiving Changed My Life by David Garvin
Profile - Craig O'Brien | D-19294 by Brian Giboney
Gearing Up by Ed Scott, USPA Executive Director

Safety & Training

Safety Check—Observer/Expectation Bias by Jim Crouch
Rating Corner—Decision Making by Jim Crouch
Fundamentals of Flight—2 way Phalanx Exit by Axis Flight School