May 2017

May 2017
photo by Ralph Tuner | C-43075
Anais Zanotti and Salim Rubiales move in to dock during a freefly jump at Skydive Miami in Homestead, Florida.


21 Jump Street—USPA Safety Day Celebrates 21 Years a USPA Staff Report

Learning From the Best—Skydive Arizona's Rookie Round Up by Rhonda Kaletz

Up Is the New Down—Part 2: Movement Jumps by Sharon Har-Noy

Have You Checked Your Six? by Ken Stone


Gearing Up by Ed Scott
How Skydiving Changed My Life by John Cheesmond
Lisa Mazzetta | D-30274 Profile by Brian Giboney
Tales from the Bonfire15 Minutes of Fame by Gregory Robertson

Safety & Training

Safety Check—Collision Avoidance  by Jim Crouch

Rating Corner—Updated Rules and Requirements for Rating Holders by Jim Crouch
Fundamentals of Flight—Mixed Formation Skydiving Block 8 (Bison) by Axis Flight School