October 2011

October 2011
photo by Brian Buckland
During the 10th annual Summerfest boogie at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, jumpers form a pair of mixed rounds.

September 2011 | Volume 52, Number 10 | Issue 624


Puttin’ on Their Big-Boy Pants—Canopy Pilots Set Records in Longmont - a USPA Staff Report (Online Content Only)
World Champs—an Excerpt from “Above All Else—A World Champion Skydiver’s Story of Survival and What it Taught Him About Fear, Adversity, and Success” by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld (Online Content Only)
Stormy Weather—The U.S. Team's Performance at the FAI World Cup of Formation Skydiving and Artistic Events by Laura Dickmeyer
A Perfect 10—Skydive Chicago Celebrates Summerfest's Anniversary by Erin Horton
Building a Rig by Gordon Lindsay
I'm on a Boat, Yo! - a Parachutist Pictorial
Confessions of a Canopy Coach—Swoopers Discuss Lessons They’ve Learned the Hard Way by Musika Farnsworth


Foundations of Flight - Side Buddies by Axis Flight School
Gearing Up by Ed Scott
How Skydiving Changed My Life by Brian Doyne
Ty Losey's Profile by Brian Giboney

Safety & Training

Keep an Eye Out - Flaring High
Safety Check - Wingsuit Fly-Bys by Jim Crouch
Ask a Rigger - Cross-Braced Canopies by Kevin Gibson