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What are the different methods for stowing my slider?


A:After collapsing their sliders, some jumpers also like to pull them behind their heads and stow them there for the duration of their canopy rides. This can allow a canopy to open up more and become a more efficient wing, since the slider won’t restrict the risers. It also reduces the flapping of the slider at the links (which can cause wear on the bottom of the suspension lines over the long term) and improves the jumper’s field of vision. The most common methods of slider retention are:

Photo by Rory Corrigan.

Bungee Ball
Pros: Cheap, easy to find, easy to install
Cons: Harder to use while wearing gloves, may not fit well on some reserve top flaps, potential snag hazard with reserve ripcord/reserve static line

Photo by Rory Corrigan.

Magnetic Keeper
Pros: Very easy to operate, easy to install
Cons: Most expensive, may fly off during reserve deployment, may not always retain slider depending on the strength of its magnets and its position on the reserve flap or yoke

Photo by Rory Corrigan.

Riser Tabs
Pros: Cheap, easy to install
Cons: The slider may still re-inflate at its center

Photo by Rory Corrigan.

Velcro (on neck of jumpsuit or on rig)
Pros: Cheap, easy to install
Cons: Wears out over time and with use, hook portion of Velcro has potential to abrade and damage gear

If you decide to use some means of slider retention, weigh the pros and cons of each method and consult with a rigger about installation once you’ve made your choice.

—Rory Corrigan | D-28873
FAA Master Rigger and Real Rigging Services in Houston, Texas


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Charles Price
Sun, 09/14/2014 - 22:18

Is there any reason a rigger cannot sew or attache the magnetic slider stow in a more secure fashion?

Atsushi Yamanaka
Tue, 09/23/2014 - 23:32

Most of straight-in type people don't need any stow neither collapse their sliders except only the reason to prevent the slider re-inflate and slide UP the risers.
Just put their front grommets under the rear grommets on the bottom of risers where front and rear meet.
This makes the upper side of slider gets wind instead of lower side.
Then the slider will stay down without any stow method.

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