Stowing Excess Line


When packing, does it matter how I stow the excess suspension line before I place the main bag in the tray and close the container?


A:As with every part of the pack job, neatness counts. Careful placement of the excess line in the pack tray can lessen the chance that you’ll experience line twists during deployment.

When stowing the lines on your main deployment bag, you should leave approximately 20 inches of excess line between the ends of your risers and the last stow. Place this excess line along the outside edges of the container as you stow it toward the bottom of the container. This will help the main bag lift out of the container properly by minimizing the chance that the lines will catch somewhere on the container and cause the bag to spin during deployment. A brief snag can result in the suspension lines twisting before the canopy has even cleared the deployment bag.

ASKARIGGER20138-1A rigger performing a reserve repack discovered these messy main-canopy suspension lines, which illustrate how excess line can easily snag on parts of the container if the packer does not place it toward the outer edges of the main container before placing the bag into the pack tray.


ASKARIGGER20138-2Properly stowed excess suspension line.

—Jim Crouch | D-16979
USPA Director of Safety & Training


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