Half Reverse Eagle

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Brought to you by AXIS Flight School Instructors Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Vince Arnone. For more information visit axisflightschool.com.


FOUNDATIONSFLIGHT1114The two performers face each other in opposing orientations (one is head up, the other head down) and simultaneously fly around one another on the vertical axis toward their feet. They then stop at the 180-degree mark, having traded places.


Proficiency with performing:

  • Sit-fly to head-down backflip
  • Head-down to sit-fly backflip


To set up, Flyer A assumes a head-down position and Flyer B assumes a head-up position while facing each other at eye level. The flyers should communicate and initiate the move by using eye contact.

Flyer A drives forward and initiates a head-down to sit-fly backflip transition (over his belly). Simultaneously, Flyer B drives forward and initiates a sit-fly to head-down backflip (over her back).

Since Flyer B will have more fall-rate control because she’s traveling on her back, she should add more sink to her transition (by caving in her chest), while Flyer A focuses on driving forward.

Once both flyers have transitioned and are in the slot previously held by their partner and at eye level with one another, they should stop. The pair can now perform the move again, with Flyer A occupying Flyer B’s slot and vice versa. When both flyers are proficient at the half reverse eagle, they can gradually shorten the pauses between the moves until they can perform a full reverse eagle (by transitioning 360 degrees on the vertical axis back into their original positions).

Helpful Hints:

To avoid collisions due to level changes during the first few attempts, the flyers should offset from one another slightly (as in an open accordion). Though offset, they should still maintain eye contact.


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