Spinning a Sidebody Piece Backward

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Brought to you by AXIS Flight School Instructors Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Travis Mills. For more information visit axisflightschool.com or search “Axis Flight School” on Facebook.



To perfect a fundamental block move from the 4- and 8-way dive pools.


This example illustrates how to spin a left-sidebody piece backward. (On a left sidebody, the piece spins clockwise.)

Grips: Flyer 1 grasps the arm and leg grippers on the left side of Flyer 2 (her piece partner). Flyer 1 should not grab her piece partner’s leg straps, since this is an illegal move in competition.

Moves: Flyer 2 makes a small move out (away from Flyer 1) with his shoulders, then stops.

Flyer 1 then moves her hips toward Flyer 2’s shoulders while simultaneously dropping her left knee to drive her turn toward Flyer 2’s head. Flyer 1 is aiming for what will essentially be the compressed-accordion position with her piece partner.

Once Flyer 1 has obtained the compressed-accordion picture, she should feel tension down the grip line of her right arm. At this point, she simply continues the turn to the 360-degree mark, where both jumpers need to stop the piece by putting in left-turn input with their right knees.

During the move, Flyer 2 should remain passive until the 360-degree point, where he’ll actively help his piece partner stop so the piece doesn’t over-rotate.

Helpful Hints

Flyer 1 should fly her own body to the compressed-accordion picture before trying to force her piece partner around. If she yanks on the right grip before this point, it will become increasingly difficult to move correctly and the piece will not turn on center.


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