Stabilizer Damage

During normal use, a slider will repeatedly rub against the washers that are inside the slider stops and create friction. Over time, this friction can wear the stabilizer fabric, eventually creating holes that can expose the metal washers inside. These washers then wear on the slider grommets, which can create burrs on the grommets that will damage the canopy’s suspension lines during every deployment. In a worst-case scenario, the washer could fall out and allow the slider to trap part of the stabilizer in one of its grommets. This would likely cause a streamer malfunction, as the slider would be stuck all the way at the top of the lines.

Jumpers should take a few seconds to look over their stabilizers’ slider stops each jumping day to see if any discoloration or wear is visible. If a jumper finds damage, a local rigger can easily patch or replace the worn area.

KEEPANEYEOUT20135-1The photo above shows damage to a slider stop on the stabilizer of a main canopy. The other three slider stops had similar damage. Photo by Rory Corrigan
KEEPANEYEOUT20135-2The photo above shows a normal opening and the location of the slider stops in relation to the slider grommets. Photo Niklas Daniel.

—Rory Corrigan | D-28873
FAA Master Rigger
Real Rigging Services at Skydive Spaceland

Rosharon, Texas


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