Accident Reports

One of a USPA Safety and Training Advisor’s most important responsibilities is to investigate accidents and submit reports on them to USPA Headquarters. According to data gathered from membership-renewal forms, USPA members sustained 729 injuries that required medical attention in 2014, but USPA received just a handful of non-fatal accident reports from S&TAs. This low ratio of accident reports to injuries is true for other years, as well. Additionally, USPA rarely receives reports of close calls that didn’t lead to injuries, although those could also teach valuable lessons to jumpers. Each year, plenty of close calls and injuries occur, but their valuable and potentially life-saving lessons are lost because nobody hears about them. more »

All About that Rig

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Brought to you by Taya Weiss of the Lightning Flight wingsuit, freefly and angle-flight school at Skydive Perris in California. more »

Back-Fly Fall-Rate Changes

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Brought to you by Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson of AXIS Flight School at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Niklas Daniel. Information about AXIS' coaching and instructional services is available at more »

Closing-Loop Length

The owner of this rig replaced the closing loop but did not properly adjust its length. Consequently, the main container was very loose—posing the risk of a premature main-canopy deployment—because the overly long loop applied very little tension to the main closing pin. On this brand of container, the main container’s grommets align on top of each other when the loop is at the correct length to hold the closing pin securely in place. more »

Wingsuit Tail Strikes

Avoiding the tail of the airplane when exiting is one of the most basic safety considerations when wingsuiting, yet year after year experienced wingsuit pilots continue to strike the horizontal stabilizers of the aircraft they’re jumping from. Any side-door airplane—whether a Cessna 182, a Twin Otter or anything in between—presents a risk of a tail strike to wingsuiters and even non-wingsuited skydivers. more »

Tandem Gear Checks

There is probably no more important task before each jump than conducting a basic gear check. This is doubly true of a tandem skydive, where two lives are at stake. You’d think that all tandem instructors would perform thorough gear checks as part of their pre-jump procedures for every skydive. After all, this is something they all learned—or should have learned—during the tandem instructor certification course. Unfortunately, instructors do not always do so, and this neglect occasionally results in an equipment-related emergency. more »

Braked Canopy Flight

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Brought to you by AXIS Flight School Instructors Brianne Thompson and Niklas Daniel at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Niklas Daniel. For more information visit more »

Double Wrap Stow Bands



Should I Double Wrap My Stow Bands? more »

Advice from a First Responder

As the summer skydiving season gets into full swing, take some time to think about your response to an emergency situation or injury. There are a few things that untrained responders can do to make the medical responders’ jobs easier when they arrive. more »

New Tandem BSRs

At its March 27-29 meeting in Daytona Beach, Florida, the USPA Board of Directors approved two important Basic Safety Requirements relating to tandem skydiving: more »