Calendar Photo Submission

Calendar Photographic Guidelines

Deadline for calendar submissions is July 31.

Please follow the guidelines below when submitting photos:

  • Photos should be high-resolution digital images—we cannot print scans, stills captured from video (even high-definition video) or photos taken from social media sites such as Facebook. Please be aware that photos that look good on a computer screen may not be suitable for print purposes. Images should be at least 300 pixels per inch at 11" x 14" (3,300 x 4,200 pixels). Most photos that meet our requirements are 4MB or more in size. Photos should not have copyright information or watermarks superimposed on the images themselves.
  • Include the photographer’s name, the names of the people in the shot (unless there are eight or more jumpers), where and when the photo was taken, as well as any interesting information about the picture.
  • Photos should be exclusive to Parachutist for North American print publications.
  • Those submitting photos taken by another person must have permission from the photographer before submitting. Photographic submissions are accepted with the understanding that the person submitting them has the right to publish the contents of the submission and has assumed appropriate model releases for recognizable subjects in the image. The person submitting the material assumes all liability for content, as well as assuming responsibility for any claims arising therefrom and/or made against the Publisher.
  • The Parachutist staff reserves the right to post the submitted material on USPA’s website as well as redistribute the material in its final, laid-out form for reprint requests.
  • Parachutist considers only photos of activities that comply with the United States Parachute Association’s Basic Safety Requirements and FAA regulations. (We cannot accept photos in which jumpers are—or appear to be—falling through clouds, or photos in which non-aerobatic aircraft are steeply diving, for instance.)
  • We give preference to photos in which jumpers are following USPA’s safety recommendations.
  • Preference will be given to photos that are relatively contemporary (taken within the last few years).

How to Submit

Questions about the submissions process may be addressed to or (540) 604-9740.

  • Files of up to 15 MB may be submitted via email to Please put "Calendar Submission" in the subject line and all relevant information in the body. Due to the large number of submissions we receive, we are unable to reply personally to each submission.
  • We cannot use negatives, slides or photographic prints.