Sunday, November 28, 2021

Judge Rating Courses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some of these events and courses may have been postponed or cancelled. Please contact the event organizer or course examiner directly for the latest information.

Judge Rating Courses

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Judge Examiners

If you want to be a Judge but don't see a Judge Course in your area, you can contact a Judge Examiner below for more information.

Central Region (MO) US
(314) 275-4967

Western Region (CA) US
(909) 626-2149

(AL, CP)
Northeast Region (CT) US
(860) 653-3718

Mid-Atlantic Region (VA) US
(434) 282-5767

Central Region (IL) US
(217) 202-6656

(FS, WS)
Southern Region (KY) US
(859) 361-5684

Northeast Region (NH) US
(781) 330-9296

Western Region (CA) US
(760) 608-1962

Southeast Region (FL) US
(813) 835-3217

Mid-Atlantic Region (VA) US
(757) 323-6984

Northwest Region (WA) US
(520) 261-3573

Southeast Region (GA) US
(386) 283-3705

Southwest Region (TX) US
(214) 725-0011

Mid-Atlantic Region (NC) US
(863) 934-4174