Sunday, November 28, 2021

Sisters In Skydiving

Hello Lady Bird!

Chances are, you've landed here because you are a new or veteran skydiver who identifies as female. Welcome!

For a female jumper—especially a newbie—the skydiving community can feel intimidating! You've arrived at the drop zone ready to skydive, yet you can't help but notice the ratio of females to males. It's true, skydiving is a male-dominated sport with females accounting for only 13%. Although low, this figure exceeds the mere 7% female membership of the Airline Owners and Pilots Association. For some, being in the minority may not be a barrier to entry, but for many, it's all too often a deterrent to progressing in the sport.

To alleviate some of these barriers, USPA lauched a program in 2011 called Sisters in Skydiving... for short, SIS.


What's the point?

The SIS program has two primary purposes: networking and resources.

The first goal of SIS focuses on women: to provide a safe platform for female skydivers to network, regardless of experience or skill level. Once you register as a SIS, you can take advantage of this female mentorship and kinship by being able to directly contact other SIS members. New and veteran SIS members alike support, advocate for, mentor, and learn from each other at their DZs and in their local areas. There are many ways this is accomplished, such as organizing events, taking courses, offering moral support, encouragement and guidance as we skydive together. USPA values diversity and aims to support this special demographic of our member population.

The second goal of SIS focuses on resources: to maintain a collection of world-class resources mostly written by women, tailored to female skydivers, and vetted by industry professionals. Need a canopy coach? Check out courses from Flight-1’s Maxine Tate. Hoping to organize an event? Check out how-to guides from industry experts like Melissa Lowe. Need help finding the best gear to purchase? Check in with Master Rigger Shauna Finley. Want to become a coach, an instructor or an examiner? Chat with one of USPA's leading female course directors, Jen Sharp.

Why register?

Registration is not required for you to partake in any SIS event or to enjoy networking with SIS members. If you do register, you will gain easy access to two features:

  • the SIS database connecting you with other SIS members who choose to share their contact information
  • the extensive collection of resources providing guidance for every part of the skydiving journey

No matter what your skill level is, we encourage you to register with SIS and see how you can continue to progress in skydiving and shine like that badass you are!

Are you a male but still want to support SIS? Send an email to, and we'll find productive ways for you to contribute.

Register for SIS now:

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