Boneanza Provides Lots of Laughs

By Mary SantAngelo

Five Minute Call | October 2019
Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Skydive Elsinore in California hosted its hot summer boogie, the 11th Karlfornia Boneanza—Trailer Trash Bash, July 26-28. The temperatures soared during the event, but the DZ provided many opportunities to cool off on Caravan, Twin Otter and Skyvan loads. Formation skydiving, freefly and wingsuit load organizers kept everyone in the air and having fun. Jumpers also enjoyed plenty of unusual jumps, including high-altitude, hula-hoop, pass-the-chicken and the ever-popular get-the-condom-on-the-banana jumps. A Slip ‘N Slide in the landing area was also good for laughs.

Evenings brought cooler temperatures for the after-hours parties, which included DJ Moo providing music, beer pong, chicken-poop bingo and a costume contest with a ProTrack donated by Larsen & Brusgaard as first prize. The boogie’s highlight was the Sunday afternoon naked race for a jumpsuit donated by LiquidSky Sports. This year’s winner, Caleb Brown, left his competitors in the dust.

Mary SantAngelo | D-9944
Perris, California


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