Jumpers Challenge Themselves at Vertical Sequential Camp

By Natalie Pitts

Five Minute Call | May 2020
Friday, May 1, 2020

Matt Fry and Konstantin Petrijcuk (filling in for organizer Melissa Lowe) led the Vertical Sequential Camp—an event that gave jumpers a chance to try unique, non-traditional formations—at Skydive Sebastian in Florida February 20-23. The organizers designed three-and four-point formations that challenged flyers to think in both two and three dimensions. The elite group of flyers who attended completed some of the formations with ease; other formations presented unforeseen challenges and required a return to the drawing board.

The laid-back, camp-style environment allowed jumpers to challenge themselves by flying slots outside of their comfort zones. Some of the goals of the event were to ignite a passion for these types of formations and encourage flyers to return to their home DZs and try them on a smaller scale. Ideally, the participants will return to the next event with solutions to the challenges noted on less-successful jumps, as well as ideas for new ones. Fry and Lowe have their sights set on setting an 80-way Fédération Aéronautique Internationale World Record for Largest Two-Point Head-Down Formation Skydive June 25–28 at Skydive Chicago in Ottawa, Illinois, under the new international rules for sequential records.

Natalie Pitts | D-3092
Broomfield, Colorado

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