Power Play Participants Build Outfacing 64-Way

By Brandon Kashani

Five Minute Call | September 2019
Sunday, September 1, 2019

Some of the best and most talented formation skydivers in the world attended the annual P3 Power Play event at sunny Skydive Perris in California June 27-30. The Power Play, one of the most elite skydiving events in the country, challenges participants with complicated and intricate formations. Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Doug Forth, Craig Girard and Martial Ferré organized this year’s gathering.

On the first three days, the jumpers split into groups of 16 to 18 that completed six very challenging jumps a day. To give participants the chance to jump with various skydivers and organizers, the groups’ compositions changed each day. On the final day, the groups combined to make four jumps that culminated in the completion of a 64-way outfacing diamond engineered by Ferré. This formation, known as the Hope Diamond, is likely the largest all-outfacing formation ever completed.

Jumpers can find information about future P3 events at

Brandon Kashani | D-36694
Raleigh, North Carolina

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