Skydive the Falls Opens Near Niagara Falls, New York

By Chad Share

Five Minute Call | September 2019
Sunday, September 1, 2019

June 1 marked the official inaugural weekend for Skydive the Falls, located at Shear Airport in Youngstown, New York, just minutes from Niagara Falls. Skydive the Falls operates a Cessna 206 for jumps to 12,000 feet. Jumpers enjoy views of the falls, the Niagara River and Lake Ontario during the climb to altitude. The DZ, owned by Jason Berger, Tom Neilson and John Huber, is a USPA Group Member. Jumpers and non-jumpers alike can stay at the Drop Inn, an AirBnB property onsite. Skydive the Falls offers tandem jumps, a full student program and welcomes licensed jumpers to fun jump at the DZ.

Chad Share | D-38232
Cheektowaga, New York

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