Skydivers Thrill Crowds at Kaboom Town

By Stephen Megison

Five Minute Call | September 2019
Sunday, September 1, 2019

More than 400,000 spectators gathered in the town of Addison, Texas, on July 3 to celebrate Independence Day by watching one of the most spectacular air shows and firework displays in the country. Just as it has for many years, the Kaboom Town event began with the Red River Skydiving Team jumping into Addison Airport. Organized and led by Southwest Regional Director Jack Pyland, 14 experienced jumpers exited from a Twin Otter to fly over the crowds with streamers and a 2,400-square-foot American flag. As the skydivers walked past cheering fans, the show continued with acrobatic aircraft demonstrations and historic warplane flyovers.

This year, Pyland and the town of Addison wanted to add something new between the air show and the fireworks. As the sun set, a five-person wingsuit team consisting of Donaldo Grajeda, Ryan Leeper, Daniel Megison, Steve Megison and Stephen Megison exited from 8,000 feet and flew over the airport. Extremely bright Lume Cube LED lights lit the suits, making them visible from the ground. Two of the flyers also flew pyrotechnics, leaving a trail of sparks. The spectators were in awe as the flight and breakoff appeared to be a human firework! With the support of Squirrel Wingsuits, the Skydive Spaceland group of drop zones and the town of Addison, organizers plan to make the wingsuit display a staple of the Kaboom Town event.

Stephen Megison | D-32683
Dallas, Texas

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