Photo by Michael Tomaselli  |  D-18530

Canopy pilot Iain Jensen and wingsuit flyer Will Kitto fly an XRW formation through the keyhole of a canopy formation during the Project Blacklist 2018 event at Skydive Sebastian in Florida.  

Skydiving Fatalities Hit Historic Low
Gearing Up | February 2019

Skydiving Fatalities Hit Historic Low

By Ed Scott

How safe is skydiving? Very safe? Somewhat safe? Not safe at all? Safety experts will say that the question really is, “What is skydiving’s level of safety?” or in other words, “What is the level of risk?” Even then, we must focus the question more to ask, “Risk of what? Death? Injury?”

Author: Ed Scott
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Stepping It Up–03.09.2019
Features | February 2019

Stepping It Up–03.09.2019

A Parachutist Special Section

Safety Day—traditionally held on the second Saturday in March—represents the beginning of a new season of skydiving. Whether you're from a northern drop zone that shuts down for the winter or you’re a fair-weather jumper from the south, you’ll soon catch yourself staring out the window listening to the birds sing, watching the trees bud and daydreaming of the jumping days ahead. If you’re like many jumpers across the country, you’ll start pulling out gear that has sat unused for months. Now is the time to check your data cards, dust off the electronics and charge the batteries. The 2019 season will soon be here.

Author: USPA Staff
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