Wingsuit Myths You Should Stop Believing

Wingsuit Myths You Should Stop Believing

The author clears up some common misunderstandings about wingsuiting. more »

Choosing (and Using) a Reserve: The Seven Cells Between You and the Cold, Hard Ground

Choosing (and Using) a Reserve: The Seven Cells Between You and the Cold, Hard Ground

The author of the article talks about how to pick a reserve and the need to learn how to fly it. more »

Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Downsizing

Five Things to Ask Yourself Before Downsizing

If you are thinking about downsizing, make sure to take these things into consideration. more »

Giving Back

Giving Back

The author highlights the All Veteran Group, a skydiving team that provides non-profit tandem skydives and other activities to service members, veterans and gold-star families. more »

Wingsuit Myths You Should Stop Believing

Tag: Feature, October 2014

Ah, wingsuiting: the reigning king of extreme sports. More and more athletes are entering skydiving with the express purpose of learning to wingsuit and then, eventually, jumping that thing off a cliff and into internet stardom. more »

Reading Surface Wind Conditions

Tag: Foundations of Flight, October 2014
Axis Flight Logo Skydive Arizona Logo

Brought to you by AXIS Flight School Instructor Niklas Daniel at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Niklas Daniel. For more information visit more »

Chest Strap Routing

Tag: Keep an Eye Out, October 2014

A jumper caught this incorrectly routed chest strap (the end of the strap does not pass through the friction adaptor) on a friend’s rig as he was about to board the aircraft for a jump. The strap almost certainly would have slipped loose in freefall, which may have allowed the jumper to fall from his harness. more »

Line Replacement

Tag: Ask a Rigger, October 2014



How do I know when it is time to replace the lines on my main canopy? more »

Landing Off

Tag: Safety Check, October 2014

Almost every skydiver will have to deal with an off-field landing eventually. It might be the first jump or jump 10,000, but most of us will miss the drop zone landing area at some point in our skydiving careers. Visit almost any drop zone and you’ll find jumpers with loving nicknames based on their colorful exploits while landing off: Sparky, Chevy, Tree Hugger... the list is seemingly endless. more »

Rules, Reasoning, Liability and Ethics

Tag: The Rating Corner, October 2014

Does an instructional rating holder have more liability than those not coaching or instructing? more »

Tales from the Bonfire - The Right Canopy

Tag: Tales from the Bonfire, October 2014


by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld | D-8424 | Author of “Above All Else” | Temecula, California

I’m a bit embarrassed to tell this story, but here it goes: Once, when I was team training with Arizona Airspeed, we were doing back-to-back-to-back loads, and I grabbed one of my teammates’ rigs thinking it was mine. It fit great, and I didn’t even realize what I had done until I looked up after deploying to find a Performance Designs Velocity 84 over my head instead of my Stiletto 120. I couldn’t believe how tiny it looked. more »

Profile - Carl Daugherty | D-5809

Tag: Profiles, October 2014

by Brian Giboney

PROFILE201410Carl Daugherty, D-5809, is a speedstar legend. His teams won 12 gold medals in the 10-way speed formation skydiving event at the USPA Nationals, including six in a row from 1985-1990. Daugherty also holds eight large-formation skydiving world records and is one of just six people who flew on all of the 100-way, 200-way, 300-way and 400-way world record teams. Daugherty is also a longtime instructor and was one of the jumpers who helped develop the accelerated freefall training method. He earned his AFF Jumpmaster rating (now the AFF Instructor rating) in 1984 and continues to share his knowledge of the sport with AFF students today. more »

How Skydiving Changed My Life - Jessie Rivadeneyra

Tag: How Skydiving Changed My Life, October 2014


by Jessie Rivadeneyra | B-40524 | Ridge, New York

Your pulse is racing, your heart’s beating so fast it feels like it might jump out of your chest, a cold sweat is beading down your neck, your hands are shaking … it all sounds like how you’d feel after landing from an exciting jump, right? Well, it is, but it’s also how you’d feel after waking up in the middle of the night from an anxiety attack after having a night terror. The feeling of adrenaline rushing through your body can be either a terrifying nightmare or a beautiful experience. When did skydiving change my life? The moment I understood the difference between the two. more »

Gearing Up - October 2014

Tag: Gearing Up, October 2014


Working to enhance skydiving safety is inarguably USPA’s most important mission. The association’s slogan sums up USPA’s primary purpose: “Supporting safe skydiving and those who enjoy it.” Over the past few decades, skydiving’s safety record has substantially improved, even though there’s been a large increase in jump activity. But we know that if this safety trend reverses, USPA and the skydiving community will face an antagonistic media and a concerned public, which would dampen activity, cause skydiving to become a target for increased governmental regulation and raise skydiving’s cost. more »

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