Superior Formation Accident Revisited

Superior Formation Accident Revisited

The author discussing the plane collision that took place during a formation jump in Superior, WI. more »

Gear Fear? Know Your Rig!

Gear Fear? Know Your Rig!

Part One of Two more »

Grand Finale

Grand Finale

The Summer 2015 USPA Board of Directors Meeting. more »

Project Strato-Jump I, II, and III

Project Strato-Jump I, II, and III

The Nick Piantanida Story more »

Superior Formation Accident Revisited

Tag: Feature, October 2015

The filing cabinet had barely clicked shut on the National Transportation Safety Board’s investigation of the spectacular mid-air collision of two aircraft flying in formation at Skydive Superior in late 2013, when far worse occurred: In August, two L-410 turboprops hauling skydivers for a formation load collided over Slovakia, killing four crew and three skydivers. Thirty-one skydivers exited and survived. more »

Forward Movement in a Sit

Tag: Foundations of Flight, October 2015
Axis Flight Logo Skydive Arizona Logo

Brought to you by Niklas Daniel and Brianne Thompson of AXIS Flight School at Skydive Arizona in Eloy. Photos by Brianne Thompson. Information about AXIS' coaching and instructional services is available at more »


Tag: Wing Tips, October 2015
Lightning Flight Logo

By Taya Weiss of the Lightning Flight wingsuit, freefly and angle-flight school at Skydive Perris in California. more »


Tag: Safety Check, October 2015

Impossible to see and difficult to predict, air turbulence is a real hazard for skydivers of any experience level. Thankfully, most encounters with turbulence under canopy occur high enough above the ground that they result in nothing more than a light bump. But occasionally turbulence close to the ground can lead to a scare or even injuries from a hard landing. more »

3-Ring Flip-Through

Tag: Keep an Eye Out, October 2015

During a tandem skydive, this instructor deployed his main canopy and the 3-ring locking loop on the left riser broke because the two smaller rings on the system had flipped through the large ring and placed excess force on the loop. Fortunately, the riser held until the tandem pair landed, and the jump was otherwise uneventful. The instructor did not realize the riser had broken until after he landed and a packer discovered the problem. more »

Defining Goals

Tag: The Rating Corner, October 2015

After each training jump, a coach or instructor has to determine whether a student succeeded and is ready to advance to the next stage of training or must repeat the jump. Some student programs incorporate a complex series of maneuvers into each jump in an effort to offer a shorter training progression. This is attractive to prospective students, since they put a lot of time, money and effort into learning to skydive. However, students can easily become overloaded when they have too many objectives to accomplish on each jump, which sets them up for failure and costs them more money in the long run. more »

Profile - Christy West | D-21464

Tag: Profiles, October 2015

by Brian Giboney

PROFILE201510Christy West, D-21464, started skydiving in 1997 and developed her formation skydiving talent quickly; by 1999 she was part of the successful 118-way Jump for the Cause Women’s World Record for Largest Formation Skydive. She has competed in formation skydiving at every USPA Nationals since 2000 and has earned numerous medals with a variety of teams. West is currently the marketing manager for the ever-busy Spaceland drop zones, and her efforts have helped the DZs build an exceptionally close community of jumpers. more »

How Skydiving Changed My Life - Chris Dawson

Tag: How Skydiving Changed My Life, October 2015


by Chris Dawson | Ithaca, New York

What I have learned from skydiving is that everybody dies. OK, I didn’t learn this from skydiving. In fact, I am not really a skydiver. I have made two jumps in my life. One was a static-line jump and the other was a tandem. Both were terrifying. But my wife is a skydiver, and I have learned a lot from her involvement in the sport. more »

Gearing Up - October 2015

Tag: Gearing Up, October 2015


This issue of Parachutist contains a ballot for you to elect the members of USPA’s board of directors, who will serve a three-year term starting in February. Beginning October 1, if you have an email address on file with USPA (as most members do), you will also receive an electronic ballot that will allow you to vote securely online in just minutes. If past elections are an indicator, more of you won’t vote than will. Here is why that should change and why you should vote. more »

Gear Fear? Know Your Rig!

Tag: Feature, September 2015

Think you know your parachute? Emerging features and added complexity can create a dangerous knowledge gap. This two-part report challenges you to recognize and understand the details of your particular rig and rethink your settings and operating procedures. more »

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