Featured Art Submission

Parachutist Featured Art Submission Guidelines

Each month, Parachutist showcases artwork along a skydiving theme in the In Your Words section of the magazine. We accept paintings, drawings, sculptures, jewelry and other visual arts as submissions for publications. To submit your artwork, please send a photo of the piece, not the original artwork, using the following guidelines:

  • Electronic submissions are strongly preferred (see form, right). Photos should be high-resolution, at least 400 ppi (pixels per inch) and no smaller than five by seven inches (2,000 by 2,800 pixels).
  • Photos of artwork must arrive at least 45 days in advance of the cover date of the issue in which it will be used. Artwork is kept under consideration for 12 months after submission.
  • Photos of artwork should be exclusive to Parachutist for North American skydiving print publications.
  • Submissions are accepted with the understanding that the person submitting them has the right to publish the contents of the submission and has assumed appropriate model releases for recognizable subjects in the image. The person submitting the material assumes all liability for content, as well as assuming responsibility for any claims arising therefrom and/or made against the Publisher.
  • The Parachutist staff reserves the right to post the submitted material on USPA's website as well as redistribute the material in its final, laid-out form for reprint requests.

Questions about the submissions process may be addressed to communications@uspa.org or (540) 604-9740.